Nuclear Throne: Community Remix


(NOTE: THIS MOD HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED) Welcome, one and all, to the Nuclear Throne: Community Remix mod's official Thronebutt page, the alternative download to the Remix's Information about the mod itself below!

Nuclear Throne: Community Remix is a mod for the game Nuclear Throne that adds tons of new and exciting changes to the game, including:

Over 50 new weapons. 9 new mutations. Altar of Luck. New chest for the new weapons! 3 new characters. New ammo type. A buncha imported sprites from the current game. Lots of balancing. ...with most new additions coming from community suggestions!


This mod was made with help of the following people:


/u/9joao6 /u/BioOnPC

PIXEL ARTISTS: /u/yyyfa /u/A_BEAUTIFUL_PONY /u/NotYourSagittarius /u/Pancakeflippers

(a lot that I forgot the names of, sorry.)


The community remix discord has been turned into a general gamedev server, you can find it here.


NOTE: The update schedule is changed to one update per two weeks. This is for reasons such as to avoid burning out, testing builds, and such.

Update 4:

-Added the IDPD Chopper and a new IDPD member exclusive to the choppers!

-Added the Honeycomb Hammer (thanks to for the design), the Seeker Pistol, the Seeker Shotgun, and the Lightning Bolt.

-Explosions now check if you're in your hurt anim..

-Decreased the damage of Blood Explosions with Meatier Cells.

-Decreased the amount that Necromancers rez.

-Increased the amount the Super Scorpion Claw spawns.

-Double Auto Shotgun spawn area has been moved back to about 5-1. Sorry!

-So has the Laser Shotgun's spawn area.

-Bumped up the Sine Minigun, Flame Shovel, and Destruction's spawn area.

-Heavy Pop Gun firerate has been increased slightly.

-Increased the origin of Y.V.'s bskin.

-Fixed the knockback on things like bullets.

-Fixed flame melee swings disappearing.

-Fixed the sound weirdness with the Toxicthrower.

-Fixed Lightning/Blood Hammer swings not creating their proper effects.