Nuclear Throne Chaos Mod

by ideaot

Nuclear Throne Chaos Mod is a mod that introduces all kinds of new stuff to the game. Bear in mind that this is by no means the final version of the mod, though I'm not sure how often I'm going to update it. Comes with a README file with install instructions.

Donation link If you decide to donate it will go through Streamtip because I have that link set up already. Feel free to message me if it's a problem.

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  • Fixed Heavy Heart appearing as Back Muscle in the HUD.
  • Fixed Melting Ultra C crashing when it fires an Ultra Weapon.
  • Possibly fixed potential Melting softlocks.
  • Possibly fixed a Monster Style crash.
  • Fixed a weapon return bug when having several Chicken ultras.


  • New character. Not completely finished.
  • You can now uncurse super cursed weapons! Look around in the Crystal Caves on loop.
  • The ultra mutation system has been rewritten to allow for stacking and other things.
  • Vans now deal 1 damage per frame rather than having a 20 damage melee hit. To compensate, they come out of the portals slightly faster.
  • Three new gamemodes, two of which make use of the new ultra system.
  • A whole bunch of new weapons. I also collaborated with BioOnPC to bring back some of the more interesting Community Remix weapons, as that mod has been cancelled.
  • Merged Weapons now get ammo a lot more consistently. Additionally, you can guarantee an entwiner to spawn on dark levels by not taking any damage on the boss levels before them, and once you have combined a weapon, a mutation that makes merged weapons stronger can appear in the mutation pool.
  • Several new secret conditional mutations.
  • Added Rebel Ultra C, Melting Ultra B works now, Melting Ultra C, Assassin Ultra C and Steroids Ultra D have been buffed. I think Plant Ultra D too actually but I forgot.
  • Mostly complete changelog with tons of minor changes here:


  • Over 100 new weapons introduced. Most are original, the rest is mainly from later versions of the base game.
  • Horror re-added, and two completely new characters...?
  • A new area, along with an alternate area for it. These are currently very work-in-progress, especially the alternate area, which does not have any exclusive enemies yet. The look of these areas is also very unfinished, and 7-3 will eventually contain a boss.
  • Up to 4 Ultra Mutations for every character. There are still some missing, and a few I'm not happy with yet, but I think they're pretty good overall right now.
  • 10 alternate gamemodes, ranging from minor modifiers to complete game-changers. They function somewhat as challenge runs.
  • Weapon merging! There is currently one secret weapon you can get from this, though it's probably not likely that you'll find it.
  • New enemies! Currently, the new area has 2 exclusive enemies. The Elite IDPD have been re-introduced, and vans along with them. There is also a new IDPD unit. The Frozen City also has a rare new enemy.
  • Lots of minor changes to make the old version of the game up-to-date. This is still an ongoing process, so tell me if there's something you think I should fix. Though, there's also a few things I left the way they were in earlier game versions according to my own personal preferences.